Jürgen Lubig


Jürgen Lubig, born in 1952, is a Meta-coach, Meta-kinesiologist®, licensed Five »Tibetans«® trainer, trainer for meta-communication and new consciousness. He has training in naturopathy, acupuncture, and hypnotherapy. He is a certified instructor for "Holistic Autogenic Training," and has training in Applied, Behavioral, and Psychological Kinesiology, Three in One Concepts, Touch for Health, Professional Kinesiology Practitioner, and overall kinesiology training. He is also trained in NLP, CQM, and is the developer of Meta-kinesiology® and Meta-Essence®. Additionally, he is the developer and instructor of the Soul Coaching Program of the New Age.
"With over 35 years of experience in his own practice in various countries, Jürgen Lubig has conducted over 30,000 successful consultations and thousands of trainings, making him one of the most experienced consultants and teachers in the field of the soul and personal development. Since the end of 2013, he has been living and working in Zurich."

My Values:
The free will of every creature is the highest gift from our Creator and should be respected at all times and under all circumstances. Therefore, I accept every person as they are and live, teach, and work according to the principle: "I am okay - you are okay."
And so, with me, you will experience and learn to free yourself from old and negative stored standards and constraints and take self-responsibility for steering your own life. Because responsibility means having the ability and happiness to accept every situation without prejudice, simply embracing it, and transforming it into inner resources with minimal effort and the right tools, such as:

Soul Language - Quantum Healing - Metakinesiology

These tools enable you to understand yourself and find the right and positive answers. Because the goal of my work and teachings is to bring out the full development of each individual's unique personality, allowing them to live their calling in freedom.

My Worldview
is shaped by inner harmony and well-being. I love and respect people and their individual beings. Together, we work, create, and experience a new culture of values, a responsible consciousness, and the foundation for a positive and livable society.

For over 45 years, I have been teaching the spiritual laws in various countries around the world. I am fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. During my long stays abroad in South America and Spain, as well as my many travels around the world, I delved deeply into spiritual topics and the Bible.

I gained profound experiences in all areas of life and soon recognized the fundamental parallels between religion and hermetic laws. Naturally, my path led me to chaos theory and quantum physics. Today, I engage intensively with these laws/effects and have developed my own personal teachings based on them.

They have become the foundation for further sustainable research, grateful experiences, and are connected to my search for the deeper meaning of our lives.

In 1989, I consolidated my knowledge of the connection between religion and science in the Metakinesiology® I developed. I am delighted that this therapeutic approach, now in its 35th year, continues to attract new friends, partners, and practitioners as we all continue to evolve. Exciting and enlightening times await us.

Why not join me on this wonderful journey!