Who is Jürgen Lubig?


Jürgen Lubig, born in 1952, is a Meta-coach, Meta-kinesiologist®, licensed Five »Tibetans«® trainer, trainer for meta-communication and new consciousness. He has training in naturopathy, acupuncture, and hypnotherapy. He is a certified instructor for "Holistic Autogenic Training," and has training in Applied, Behavioral, and Psychological Kinesiology, Three in One Concepts, Touch for Health, Professional Kinesiology Practitioner, and overall kinesiology training. He is also trained in NLP, CQM, and is the developer of Meta-kinesiology® and Meta-Essence®. Additionally, he is the developer and instructor of the Soul Coaching Program of the New Age.

"With over 35 years of experience in his own practice in various countries, Jürgen Lubig has conducted over 30,000 successful consultations and thousands of trainings, making him one of the most experienced consultants and teachers in the field of the soul and personal development. Since the end of 2013, he has been living and working in Zurich."

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The Team

Jürgen Lubig supports people like you - as a coach, trainer, and speaker - to expand your consciousness and change your mindset so that you can lead a self-determined and free life.

Are you an entrepreneur or a female leader? Then Jürgen Lubig can support you because he has coached predominantly women and trained hundreds worldwide over the past 30+ years, in multiple languages that he fluently speaks: German, English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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What is the language of the soul?

The language of the soul is a form of communication that goes beyond words and understanding. It is a direct connection between the soul and the divine source. In the language of the soul, we express our deepest feelings, thoughts, and desires by connecting with our true selves. It is a spiritual language that helps us recognize our deepest longings and connect with our inner wisdom. Through the language of the soul, we can raise our vibration, recharge with positive energy, and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our life journey.

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Metakinesiology® A Brief Overview

What is revolutionary about Metakinesiology® is its completely new approach. The human being is seen as an open-dynamic system, treated as a whole. In contrast, all traditional kinesiology approaches focus on the closed meridian system.

Metakinesiology® combines the latest scientific knowledge with ancient wisdom about energetic and spiritual laws, creating a synthesis. This aligns with Jürgen Lubig's principle of always focusing on what connects rather than what separates.

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